Facebook Profile Management

In this post I will discuss how I implemented the Profile Management for Network Trotters .

Profile Management Generals

As an application developer, you get the opportunity to place some information in the user profile page. Specifically you can set a Profile Action (link below the Profile Pic) and a Profile Box.

In your application you basically tell the Facebook platform where it should get the FBML/HTML that defines both the Profile Action and Profile Box. It is important to notice, that Facebook will Cache this FBML/HTML, until you specifically tell them to refresh it.

So in summary, you set the user Profile from your application, but you have to build a mechanism to refresh the users profile periodically.


I am using the Facebook Development Toolkit as the Facebook Platform API wrapper; and the profiles are set by using Urls.

.Net Implementation (one of many)

In my implementation, the profile management contains 3 main components:

  • Profile Content Page
  • Setting a user profile
  • Refresh the profile

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