Improving Silicon Halton’s Business Directory

About Silicon Halton

In a nut shell, Silicon Halton is a group dedicated to connecting and creating strong and local relationships for hi tech entrepreneurs and leaders in the Halton region.

I have been attending Silicon Halton’s meetings (and un-meetings) for a few months now (; I am both impressed and encouraged by the groups potential; obviously there is networking and the possibility of making new business connections, but the group also aims to play a role in the Halton business community as a whole… and that is what’s kept me going back!

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ASP MVC – Delete confirmation with Ajax & jQuery UI Dialog

In this post I will show you how I implemented a delete confirmation implementation for MVC using the jQuery UI Dialog control. I have done this by adding virtually no customization to the templates generated ASP.Net MVC, and aiming the functionality to be as reusable as possible.

Our Objective

When a user clicks the “Delete” button on a list (or elsewhere), we are going to show a confirmation dialog. If the user confirms, the record will be deleted. If he/she cancels, no action will be taken. In essence, this is what we are trying to do:

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